Restoring Smiles To People Across The World

Dental care is of such great need everywhere but not accessible in many countries

Our Mission

“Restoring smiles to people across the world” has always been the mission of The Smile Foundation.

2018 Team

Meet the people who are participating in this year’s trip to Isla Mujeres to provide optimal dental care to those underserved.

Past Experiences

Hear some of the impactful stories from team members of previous trips.

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With your help we can bring the quality of equipment and dental care to those who need it. Any amount you can give helps!


Information for this year’s trip to Isla Mujeres

Dates of Trip:
May 12th – May 19th

Average Cost Per Person:

Approximate Travel Time:
9.5 hours

Number of People Serving:

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Over the past 9 years we have raised awareness and resources to become a fully functional mobile dental clinic in Mexico.


Average Participants

Smiles Restored


We are excited to offer eye exams and prescriptions for the second year in a row. Restoring smiles and vision to people across the world!

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Cullen's Story

“Over the years, Isla Mujeres has become a part of who I am. I have been traveling to the island since I was in high school. Each year brings different stories full of joy, laughter, hardship, and learning. Our trips have evolved from serving locals in anyway possible to a daily dental clinic that serves hundreds...” Cullen, 27, Memphis


Carolyn's Story

“With the help of so many, our trip to Isla Mujeres, Mexico has been one that has provided so many divinely orchestrated "moments" for the people of this town. Making "doing good" fun is not always easy- but with the leadership of people like Dr. Lauten Johnson, people are attracted to our mission and can see why we keep coming back...” Carolyn, 25, Washington D.C.


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