When I think of my time in Mexico- past and future, one word comes to mind, purpose.Our lives are made up of moments and instances all of which are out of our control. I think back to my first day in Mexico when the eight of us piled into golf carts and rode down the the local Catholic church in the center of the village. No air conditioning, packed with people standing in the back. This was a moment. An instance that was in God’s control and it was beautiful. With the help of so many, our trip to Isla Mujeres, Mexico has been one that has provided so many divinely orchestrated “moments” for the people of this town. Making “doing good” fun is not always easy- but with the leadership of people like Dr. Lauten Johnson, people are attracted to our mission and can see why we keep coming back. At one point we had a line backed up and almost wrapped around the side of the building of people who walked barefoot with their children to come get free dental care. One much older woman came in telling us of her pain and a minute later we were yanking out her wisdom tooth without pain medication. She gave a slight wince, and when the surgery was over you she thanked us, hugged us and even got a tear in her eye of gratitude. This is when doing mission work comes to fruition. When doing something that seems so small and providing that moment in the name of God makes an impact on one person- it is completely worth it to me. I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to serve and share and love and comfort in His name.
– Carolyn