Going to another country is usually something that many people are scared of; however, I was eager to travel to Isla Mujeres with group of people who I came to love. There are a lot of memories and things I learned that I have from my wonderful trip on the beautiful island.One of the best memories that I have from my time was at a restaurant on one of the mornings of the trip. After eating breakfast, both of my mentors decided to go to one of the sacred churches across the street from the restaurant. Walking into that church, I experienced something that has stuck with me ever since the moment it happened. We walked into the church and there was a lovely scene of a podium in the front of the church. Behind this was a huge window showing the ocean below the church. As I observed the gorgeous ocean, one of my mentors began to sing Amazing Grace. Looking out that window and hearing the sensational voice of my mentor in the background, I realized why I was truly there. It was more than just a vacation or something to do over the summer. It was more than a fellowship with my mentors and people who will always be remembered as an important part of my life. It was more than visiting some place that I had never anticipated on going and was definitely surprised when I was offered the opportunity. This was about making a change globally. This was the start of my participation in being the “change we wish to see in the world.” This was my initiation into a movement that did and will continue to change the lives of my brothers and sisters in other parts of the world. Not only did this allow me to witness and take part in something that would change the lives of the local residents, but also it allowed me to understand it is my responsibility to help those that I can. My mentors, the organization I worked with, and those who aided us in Mexico gave me this opportunity. For this, I am forever grateful.
– Jahlyn